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[i don’t know how i have managed to blog daily this month–hope i’m not expected to blog that often by any readers i’ve been lucky enough to have so far..]
i had a little bit of that finished knit syndrome, a feeling that i haven’t got anything to do now that i’m done with my most recent project. sure, there are four wips on the shelf waiting for attention but i just didn’t feel like touching those. i wanted the excitement of a brand new project! so here we are with a little grey thing on my little circulars, a simple little experimental wip based on one of my design sketches. 

as a sort of beginner knitter and someone very new to publishing any knitting designs of my own, i feel like i run the big risk of reinventing the wheel or stepping on someone’s toes in coming out with anything less than a super intricate pattern involving never-ever seen before patterns and inventions and the like, which to put it lightly has discouraged me from publishing anything in the first place.
after some thought i realize that it may be a little silly to think that on my own i will design the exact copy of something that already exists if i’ve never looked that that existing design before so..hey. where’s the trouble or harm? at worst, i suppose there will just be another version of a look that fellow knitters can make for themselves. so a-designing i will go. hopefully someone will like what i come up with, and even make a  really awesome adjustment of it to suit their tastes or needs. that’s an exciting part of sharing a design imo~

you can click through for the listing for that new washcloth btw ❤
to throw in a different topic out of the blue, i’ve noticed in my two months of being a knitter that my stash has been growing quite a bit, even if i’m knitting pretty steadily and finishing at least a thing or two a week. so i’m trying a little experiment to limit my yarn/notions spending, by only allowing a purchase after finishing ten projects, instead of just letting myself fall prey to those wonderful little knitpicks sales emails or a gorgeous colorway someone’s blogged today. so far i’ve got three out of ten projects down, with the 4th on the way!

i’m optimistic here about this little plan here, and feel that if i don’t make it to ten before ordering more skeins, i’ll at least be a bit more aware of what i do and don’t really need to have right now in my stash.

do you have any ways to curb your yarn buying? anything that’s worked? anything that’s absolutely failed? is it a worry at all for you, or is a big yarn stash to be welcomed? i’d love to hear how other knitters do it!


  1. I curb my yarn buying by not buying any yarn online! I don't own a car, and so when I do get driven to the yarn store (about once or twice a month) I feel I can buy yarn for one project without overindulging. I still stare longingly at Etsy shops, but I restrict myself to only buying notions online.


  2. Pumpkin says

    Designing is hard work, I'm not sure if I'll ever get to the point where I feel that I would be perfect at it. But it looks like you have some really good ideas and I'm excited to see what you come up with! Also, I love that charcoal colored yarn that you are using for the new project, it is very pretty! I rarely order online because I worry about identity theft, so my way of preventing stash build up is to only go to the LYS if I need something specific!


  3. Jessica says

    I also do not purchase yarn online- unless I have a very specific project in mind for it!Or, unless it's an 'I absolutely must have this!!!' type of yarn 😉 Happen occasionally!So, I use the same ideas for shopping in-store… I work at a yarn store, so at least I'm not faced with having to make a 'So I need this right now?' kind of decision, haha.Anyway, don't worry about if the things you're designing have already be done! It's still a learning experience 🙂


  4. Britney says

    yeah, even if i decide against publishing any design i come up with, it's a really fun thing to do!i think the one thing that makes me hesitate when wanting to order yarn online is how long it would take to reach me! sometimes considering that's enough to make me wonder if i'll like that skein as much in two weeks as i do now–i think i'm about the same way about buying patterns or preparing for projects. ahh you're one of the lucky ones..yarn store employee! is the working life surrounded by yarn as glamorous as it sounds?


  5. Britney says

    if you design knits like you spin fiber, you're in really good shape!i love the color a lot too–since first seeing some at me lys, i've fallen in love with muted heathers and softly variegated yarns. they're gorgeous ;;i haven't had much reason to be alarmed when shopping some of my favorite online stores, but it would certainly help for me to be more cautious about where i'm sending card info..


  6. Britney says

    man, some of the knit markers and needle organizers i see around etsy are tough to not drool over..i'm trying to learn to be content with my little rubber boye markers and tote bag ;;after a long week of commuting long distances to school and work, i think i save by default by being too tired to get back on the road just for the sake of shopping!


  7. Jennifer Falkowski says

    I switched hobbies. Now I buy fabric instead of yarn. I know, that's not very helpful. Fabric takes up more space.


  8. Britney says

    haha, i see a much stronger addictive property for fabrics, i don't even sew and the fat quarters in my lcs are nearly irrestistable xD


  9. Melissa says

    I tend to only buy yarn when I have a project in mind but I also add to my yarn stash by spinning yarn too. So my method may not be the best one around.Good luck with the designing.


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