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waking earlier and earlier in the morning, just to beat the summer heat, and enjoy the overcast skies before the sun breaks them up.
i’ve gone back to that good ol’ meditative moss stitch, soon to be another little facecloth set in my shop. i was hardly a fan of bright, loud colors, especially not in my wardrobe, but it makes perfect sense to have such a happy color there to meet you for your daily morning ritual. for that reason, i’ve turned to these cheerful shades for this little collection.


  1. Pumpkin says

    Oh wow! I love the golden yellow! Seed stitch is fun to knit sometimes.


  2. Britney says

    i'm in love with the texture it makes, sometimes it's worth how much time it takes to knit it.


  3. Kaiya says

    If early mornings there are so gray, I can totally understand the need for a spot of bright cheery color waiting for you!


  4. Britney says

    i wish our days here were grey, it seems odd to want that living in perpetually sunny socal, but cool overcast days justify hot cups of tea and, yes, sunny washcloths! xD


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