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here’s a work in progress shot of my shift beanie in that beautiful dark grey heather yarn i had lying around. i’ve had a few thoughts rolling around that led me to cast this little hat on again:
  • i’ve been wanting to provide alternatives to the wool/acrylic blend used in my shop, for people who may be allergic or in any way sensitive to animal fibers
  • this little grey skein is just so beautiful and i had to let it be the first color i try, and
  • i just plain love this pattern a lot and want to knit it again!
the last reason got me thinking about just why i decided to get to knitting this summer. why do i suddenly love to knit so much? sure, i have the opportunity to see simple string turn into really beautiful functional things, but i’ve also found it to be a way to quiet my anxieties and find just how much a few little spare minutes can become over time if you just devote to it.
i’ve felt it while knitting the simple repeating pattern of this beanie, but i’ve especially felt that while knitting all of my little washcloth sets. each one took hours upon hours of work to finish, but every time i’m done i’m proud of how they turn out. these simple useful squares are made with the same two stitches that made the most delicate laces or impressive aran sweaters out there.
it’s really interesting to reflect a little on the lessons i’ve learned through quiet knitting, and that was the biggest one that sank in yet. nothing’s too complex to get done, as long as you look at it incrementally and do what you can everyday to finish it.
it won’t look like much a few rows in, but as the piece takes shape in your hands, it’ll be hard to want to do anything else.

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