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a little update for this week:
on wednesday i went in to get the second half of my wisdom teeth pulled–the first half were taken out last summer, and i’ve been stalling for my second visit since. i’d say that all of that fear and putting off of the appointment were for nothing, but i’ve been in a lot of pain and have had to take it easy to let myself recover. it’s meant less time to run around and ship my few orders, and less time to wander and take photos. i don’t like downtime at all.

i’d be totally miserable if i weren’t able to spend time doing my tow new favorite things–reading and knitting. recently i started on tolkien’s the hobbit, and have really enjoyed it since. i remember being a little scared off by tolkien’s books when i was much younger, and since then have just idly put off reading his stories, but now that i’ve finally picked one up, i’m happy to find it not too difficult to read at all, and excited to see what the rest of his books have in store for me and my imagination. 
next to reading i’ve been casting on and binding off dozens of little bath scrubbies for the little shop. they’ve been relaxing to knit, and i hope they find a home soon after i list them! so far they’ve been mostly white or in some favorite color schemes already sitting in my yarn basket but i hope to have more variety in color choice, just like i do with my washcloths, but those will have to come with time.
it would be a masterpiece of understatement to say that knitting and reading have been keeping me sane this weekend.

do you have any projects or books keeping you busy this weekend?
do tell in the comments!

(p.s. my 21st birthday is in three days. i think i might hold a little sale that day for my favorite shop items!)


  1. Kaiya says

    Happy early birthday!I've also been putting off having my other two wisdom teeth out – it's been over a year now. I'm a little surprised you've had the concentration to spare for either knitting or reading, afterwards!


  2. Britney says

    thanks for the birthday wish!i owe it to all the painkillers for the ability to focus. that and the need to always be productive somehow, it hurts more than helps sometimes. xD


  3. Pumpkin says

    Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about the tooth situation, I know exactly how you feel though, I was out of it for days afterwards. I hope that escaping into the wonderful world of Tolken will help! I really didn't care for the Lord of the Rings series, but the Hobbit was amazing! Good luck with the knitting and happy early birthday!


  4. Britney says

    thanks for the birthday wish. :] the hobbit's been a great escape so far, and it looks like the swelling around my jaw's gone down enough recently for me to be able to eat comfortably, which certainly has helped with my mood. i should be able to enjoy my morning tea again in just a matter of days!


  5. kristieinbc says

    Oh poor you! I hate going to the dentist. Be kind to yourself as you recover. And happy birthday a few days early!


  6. Britney says

    it's tough going to the dentist's office, though i put in my best effort to remember what it might be like to have an office people dread to visit! must be a mostly thankless job, i should remember to show him appreciation when my check-up rolls around.and thanks for your kind wish! i'll try to be good to myself this week.


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