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21st year

heh, now that i’ve healed up enough to enjoy hot beverages, i think i’m going to start my birthday celebration with a nice mug of tea and a knitting wip. yesterday i casted on a little slouchy beanie i’ve been sketching for some time now. the gauge is sort of small so i don’t know if i want to offer it as a made-to-order item [it would take so long to make, i don’t think the price for it would be very attractive to people!], so maybe i could just keep it for myself! much of my knitting’s ben for the shop anyway. it’s all very fun to do, but i could use some personal knitting too. so here it is.
the proper time to get to thinking about resolutions, to me, has always been on the day of your birthday. that would officially be another year of your life, right? it might not allow everyone to celebrate at the same time like on january 1st, but maybe, with every day being someone’s birthday, there would be a near constant air of self improvement and reinvention wherever you went.
now that my birthday’s rolled around for the 21st time i’ve been brought to reflect a little bit about what i could do to help improve myself physically and mentally, and frankly a lot could be done about that. the past year was spent ignoring my health and wholeness in favor of productivity and good marks and, to make a very long story short, it’s taken a huge toll on me. working hard is great and it’s satisfying to see results, but now i’d like to strive for balance. it’s possible to get things done and push beyond myself, all while enjoying and breathing in what’s around me–living fully and deeply. knitting and meditation’s helped teach me that over time. i think it’s time to start putting these beliefs to action, starting today. more breaks, more meditation, and much more writing too are part of the plan. as well as making sure i drink enough water and walk each day. might not be much, but i think i work better with resolutions when i start small.

have you made any resolutions this january? this fall? what are they, and how have you kept them?


  1. Pumpkin says

    Happy, happy birthday! Being 21 is definitely nice. Glad to hear you survived the surgery and now are back to knitting gorgeous things again!


  2. Britney says

    thanks for the warm birthday wish! i'm glad too! no more pain pills or side effects, and yes to crunchy foods and hot tea soon!


  3. Kaiya says

    Happy birthday and swift recovery!I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but I did make one this year for my birthday and the beginning of the academic year – to be more disciplined and responsible in my everyday tasks. Unfortunately this often means putting lots of other things before my knitting. Like you said, balance – it's important to balance self time with duty time.


  4. Britney says

    thanks for the well wishes ♥yeah, i haven't taken to making a long list of resolutions, mostly just promising toward a more positive outlook and set of habits without much specificity. those may be the best anyway, not too throttling, but [hopefully] not so vague that it's forgotten.


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