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behold, the amazing shrinking yarn stash! with the exception of stuff for my shop [those skeins are used up and sent away within the week],  i haven’t made any personal yarn purchases in a long while. it’s all been stashbusting and i’m proud to see the basket overflowing a lot less with each passing week!

have you been stashbusting too? have you had any little victories lately, or has your yarn basket grown? do tell!


  1. I am super impressed if that's your current personal stash. You are far more disciplined than I! Any plans for these mini skeins?


  2. Britney says

    it took a loooot of time to get it down to here, i owe it to the summer heat and lean wallet keeping me from going out and shop!i found a near-untouched skein of light tan acrylic, so the plan is to try a little series of colourwork hats!it might do these neglected little skeins another chance at being worn and loved. ❤


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