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shop update

released a few new little knits in my shop recently. as usual, you can click through the image to see the listings on etsy.

this one i’m proud to call my first fingerless mitts design both made and listed in my little shop! knitting and shaping in the round is a little daunting for me when it doesn’t involve a simple crown shaping, so i’m glad i tackled that! more designs are definitely coming soon! this color featured is denim, a personal favorite right now. i’m excited to see how this piece looks in other colors as well!
this one’s been a simple favorite that’s been sitting in both the notebook and shelf for a long time. the torse beanie, named that because of the ribbing pattern and other little design features that mirror features of the human torse. i loved making this design so much that i decided to make a number of ready-to-ship versions for people to be able to order and receive immediately! but as usual for my designs, this will be available in the customer’s choice of colors. it will be really interesting to see which will turn out to be the most popular!
7 little white scrubbies
and these i’ve been keeping in the works for a long while, but finally decided to make available–little white cotton scrubbies in a set of 7! hopefully someone loves them! i may offer them in different quantities if they’re ever requested.

i have many more little knits waiting for their photoshoot [which i’ve been putting off because i’m overdue for a haircut..]. i can’t wait to show them and hopefully ship them!


  1. Pumpkin says

    Just as you cannot wait to show those knits, I'm excited to see them! I really like the fingerless mitts, they definitely are a reminder of cooler days ahead. The beanie is very pretty in that color, it reminds me of cocoa.


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