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have an unabashedly late post–what can i say,  ideas come to me at the weirdest times of night! i’ve been in dire need of some printed care labels for my orders–all i’ve used since was this little kraft tag for thank you notes, which would work just fine if my penmanship was any good. so i looked in my paper stash and found this beautiful sheet of mi-tientes from my foundation drawing year, and got to work on my little design. about an hour later i was finished cutting and arranged them in a cute little stack!


i think i’m by no means knowledgeable about layouts and probably committed a multitude of graphic design sins, but i’m pretty proud of what i managed to do. if nothing else it will at least help make sure my little handmade things last as long as possible in their new owners’ hands.

have any great ideas come to you at random lately? what have you done about them?


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