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pattern : jaymie by faye newport
yarn : red heart solids in cherry red
needle : US 7[4.5mm]
size : 14x30in [~36x76cm]

this cowl used up the entirety of the skein of red heart, which is reeally pleasing to have happen! it was a little stiff in the photograph but i know by now how much the yarn softens up after a few washes. for now it’s entertaining to essentially have a cowl that can more or less stand up by itself.

my favorite thing about this piece [next to the fact that it’s done!] is its texture, so i’m really only going to show that bit about it, haha. the pattern itself was a little difficult to get a hang of but at around 30% of the way through it was memorized and pretty fun to knit! i think if i were to knit this piece again[which i possible!] i might look into making a provisional cast-on so the seaming makes something a little more invisible. this thing unfortunately was casted on before i even knew there were other ways to start a piece, but i did my best and am overall pretty okay with how this all turned out.

anyway, glad to finish a personal project finally! even though it’s not really for me[jaymie will be gifted! though i’m not sure anymore who it will go to..]. if i manage to knit up all of my hp cowls and other shop related things those little skeins of knitpicks comfy might actually get to meet their needles and become my very first pair of socks!


  1. Pumpkin says

    I've never been a fan of red heart, but it does have it's uses for sure and it is pretty much indestructible which is great! Also, I absolutely love this photo, I'm in awe of your photography skills.


  2. Britney says

    yeah, with how many skeins of red heart i've been gifted over the years, i've really grown to love it. can't wait til the rh stash is fully busted so i can finally learn what the heck a madtosh or bugga is. haha


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