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first pair in progress

yesterday i finished a sorta-secret gift, so i took the chance then to cast on and finally learn how to make a pair of socks before i had the tie to hesitate. it was really intimidating at first, and a lot of bits are far from perfect but i’m happy to say now that it’s actually really simple to do, if a little fiddly. my tiny 3.25mm needles feel so fragile compared to my 5mm or  8mm ones, so i’ve been very gentle with them while knitting.
as for the yarn it’s the knitpicks comfy sport i purchased in july–super soft! but i’m not sure how they will wear as socks. even while knitting bits of the yarn came off and stuck to my pants, probably not a good sign.
well whatever happens i’m sure i’ll be really proud to finish these little socks. i really hope they fit–the dainty little needles have made me afraid to try the wip on–if they end up not fitting i’ll have to find the pair a good home.

oh, and for anyone curious, i’m using silver’s sock class as an actually-not-a-pattern for these socks. i recommend them to anyone who might be as intimidated as i first was about making socks!


  1. Pumpkin says

    Okay, which parts aren't perfect? It looks pretty darn good to me! Orange also makes every project automatically better. I'm very excited for you! Before you know it you will be a sock-making master!


  2. Britney says

    aw thanks ;; there are purl stitches here and there that were meant to be knit stitches and stuff but i suppose they don't mess with sock function so i'll be okay.so excited about these little things!


  3. Heidi says

    For a first sock those look great! I don't think my first, second or third attempted pair of socks ever made it far past the heel turning.


  4. Britney says

    i was very worried at first that the heel turning would be enough to turn this into a ufo, but interestingly enough i couldn't put the sock down!


  5. Audry says

    There is something magical about turning your first heel. Just wait until you start trying different types of heels.


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