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this is finlet,  the newest addition to my shop. it’s a neckwarmer that i actually put together a few months ago that i really love but had mixed feelings about making it available to buy, mostly because of the amount of time spent actually knitting it. for a long time i kept the prototype myself but recently made the decision to make another for the shop, since i loved it so much.
one big challenge i have with selling my knitwear is pricing them in a way that could seem reasonable to customers. i spend many hours swatching, searching for yarns, knitting and ripping back, and writing the patterns for my pieces, but there is always this lingering fear that despite my best effort, the level of craft in my work won’t be made clear enough to people browsing my shop. i guess when all is considered the best i can do is price in a way that is fair to my skill, service and high level of quality of my materials, and take the best more true-to-life photos i can and hope there are people out there who recognize that value and choose to make bapsicrafts a part of their wardrobe and lifestyle.
finlet is a much-loved design of mine, and i hope it finds a good home and owner to keep warm this winter.


  1. Pumpkin says

    I haven't heard from you in a little while and am so excited to see a new post with a new knit! I love that charcoal color, it is perfect for winter months. I personally think that it is acceptable to price knits higher rather than lower because of the time and effort involved. I've also read somewhere that customers are more likely to buy higher priced items because they believe they are buying higher quality work (in your case, it is definitely high quality too). With fiber related work, I think that pricing is also generally adjusted according to fiber content, for example cashmere items might be priced more highly than "100% wool" or acrylic. But I'm not the one with a successful Etsy shop, so you definitely know better than I do. Keep up the beautiful work!


  2. Britney says

    thanks! it's nice to be back.i think you made a really good point about pricing that i haven't really considered before, i will keep it in mind when pricing, hopefully it will help me be less shocked when i come up with my numbers after calculate material and labor costs for my knits ;;


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