1. Pumpkin says

    That charcoal is just beautiful, I'm glad you are using it again! Also, aren't those needles such a treat to work with? They are some of my favorites because they are so durable and attractive.


  2. Alhana says

    I totally agree with Pumpkin above. The charcoal looks beautiful in every garment and bamboo needles are a blessing for knitters.


  3. Britney says

    yeah, i think it just may be my favorite shade to work with! very agreeable when worn with most of my other clothing.bamboo needles are probably my favorite to use, especially in this cold weather. they warm up so well while knitting and grip the stitches nicely too!


  4. Britney says

    thank you! my craft bag is going to have a lot of new bamboo additions very soon, i love the material so much!


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