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etsy appreciation : cozyleaf

Viewers of my 365 project on flickr might remember the day i received my little tea samples from cozyleaf–i know i do. 
i absolutely love when shops that sell edibles online offer samples. that sort of thing really helps for people like me who have trouble choosing flavors.
i chose the winner after a long few weeks thinking of which to pick and finally made my purchase, which arrived just last week in this adorable little rough cloth drawstring bag.

as an etsy seller myself it’s always awesome to learn from the peeps who know how to present their wonderful products, and i was definitely schooled this time. carefully wrapped with tissue paper was this little tin with my tea in it, complete with a pic of the leaves themselves and brewing directions on the underside. pretty, but simple.
i’ll admit i felt a little bad about spoiling the wrapping to get to the leaves.
my chai
if you feel iffy at all about buying edibles on etsy, i understand completely! i definitely was too but i took this leap and am really happy about the purchase i made!
check out the cozyleaf on etsy for your favorite tea, and let me know how you find it!


  1. Pumpkin says

    You can't go wrong with Chai, they are wonderful. I'm very picky about my tea and only order from sellers I know personally, I'm crazy.


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