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breakfast in vegas

a couple of weekends ago my boyfriend jason[visiting from england] and family went to visit close family friends in las vegas. i took a long while but here are a few photos of the actually family-visiting bit of the trip.
we enjoyed some yorkshire tea with milk, took in that morning sunlight [there’s jason],
and enjoyed some homemade breakfast [thank you frances!]

after that, we went walking around and took in the lights and sights. most of my pics turned out blurry and stuff, maybe i’ll share them later? or maybe just visit again for better pics.

little happened on the personal knitting front. i’ve been busy filling orders for the little shop or showing jason around. some recently stashed skeins have been waiting very impatiently to be used.

these two were bought this summer for socks. can’t decide on which pattern to use, any suggestions? i’ve only knit one pair before, so a complex one might be a little out of reach for me, but i’m willing to consider anything. school’s coming around and a portable project for stress-knitting might just be the thing i need to keep from blowing my top.

here’s hoping for the time to get to knitting for myself/jason!

how has your december been so far? have you visited anyone lately?


  1. mkonieczki says

    I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend with family and friends! Your breakfast looks delish. I think most sock patterns are a lot easier than they look. No matter what you decide, I'm sure the socks will be great.


  2. Pumpkin says

    Oh very pretty yarn! I can definitely see why you cannot wait, it will make beautiful socks! I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation complete with boyfriend visits and tea. Good luck with the school stress, you can knit through it, no problem!


  3. Britney says

    that's reassuring to know. i just might dive in with a beautiful pattern and learn as i go if things get tough!


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