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my goals for 2013

I had the pleasure of going to a number of holiday/new year’s get-togethers these past few weeks, and feel so fortunate to have been able to celebrate the holidays with those people that I love so much.
With the new year already here, it’s hard to realize how soon ago I rediscovered knitting, made a knitting blog, and opened a shop for it! Here’s hoping for success and happiness to come for all three of these ventures.

My Resolutions/To-Do’s [Inspired by Pumpkin’s always awesome yearly goals]:

  • Improve time management/budgeting skills
  • Thoroughly busted stash [shop stash excluded.]
  • Learn basic crochet with Craftyminx
  • Knit first sweater
  • Own only hand-knit socks
  • Knit 20 items for charity [taking suggestions for which charity, though. Any ideas?]
  • Have 100 items listed on Bapsicrafts
  • Participate in the Yarn-Along regularly [which would naturally mean read regularly]

It’s a little list but I think it should do just plenty for me!

Knitting Projects Currently Lined Up:

Do you have any personal or crafty goals lined up for 2013? 

 How was 2012 for you? Do share!

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  1. Knit Scrap Labs says

    Waghh, busting my stash is going to prove difficult. I always buy too little yarn because I'm a cheapskate. Good luck with that and everything else :).


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