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Just thought it would be a neat way to keep to reading and personal knits by participating in gsheller’s yarn-along every other wednesday!
The Barnes and Noble store nearest my house had a closing-out sale, so I went in for a look and nabbed a copy of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline for a good price! This made for a charming read, I’ll allow myself to watch the animated movie by Laika finally.
Hagakure was a gift from Jason, and is turning out to be a more long-term read for me. The book is short but full of little passages that can really cause you to think. Every few pages I find a new one that resonates well with me, like this one:

The proper manner of calligraphy is nothing other then not being careless, but in this way one’s writing will simply be sluggish and stiff. One should go beyond this and depart from the norm. This principle applies to all things.

I’m hardly a quarter through this book, and it’s already been an insightful and interesting read.

As for the knitting work in progress, that’s one half of the Trigger Gloves I’m knitting for Jason. I’ve got both gloves mostly finished, too–it’s just the thumbs that need to be worked in, and the ends to be weaved in and these will be ready-to-wear. I’ll finish them by the end of this week. Promise.
For those curious, these gloves are being worked with Paton’s Classic Wool in the colorway named Mercury. Something in me thought it was a good idea to use a pure wool for these gloves to keep those weaved in ends from unraveling and sticking out. And considering how he’ll wear them wherever he goes once given a chance, a wool might full well or toughen up over time [or at least be slightly simpler to repair]. Am I right in assuming these things about wool over something synthetic or is this based on misconception? Not sure but I suppose I could look it up on rav.

Click-through the image for more information on this yarn-along,
and let me know if you decide to join!


  1. mkonieczki says

    I agree, it's nice to have a way to keep track of project progress and other accomplishments. WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along are great for that.


  2. Audry says

    You are right to assume that the wool will felt a little over time. The ends may still fly out a little, but after some wear, I typically find that the ends settle down and stay in place.


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