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yarn-along iv

It’s Wednesday again!
A few Wednesdays have passed without a post…but I’ll just go ahead and forgive myself for that, hopefully you will too. Not a lot was happening on the personal knitting/reading front and I’ve been eager to use the lull right after midterms to burn through a small book or two and cast on something for me for once.

Coraline was finally finished [a cute book!], Hagakure and the Lord of the Rings are still on the backburner. I read through a pair of Leo Babauta books [a good pick me up for productivity/motivation help].

Today I’m about to start reading a gifted book from my boyfriend–Prisoners by Franz Molnar. I’ve put off reading this book for a while because it’s written in a way that isn’t too easy to read through [despite being such a small book..] This isn’t even the second time I’ve attempted it from the start, I almost have the first 50 or so pages memorized by now.
This time, I’m determined to know the whole story.

On the knitting front, I’ve started a new pair of socks! You might remember when I stashed this yarn for this project. It’s been on my mind for a while to make socks from this yarn, but it wasn’t until I saw Susan’s post of her handmade sock drawer that I went..what the hell, and just casted on. Toe-up socks, too! The idea was to have each skein become a separate sock, so the cuff is going to be as long as there is yarn left after the heel’s turned. It’s a really satisfying thing to see through.

I think i’m falling in love with socks and sock yarn. I’ve only completed one pair so far, and only really made one purchase of ~officially~ labelled sock yarn but can feel the pull already.
It’s so hard to explain but it’s mesmerizing how unique and pretty this yarn looks both in skein and in FO form. I must knit all the things! AUAGHHH SOCKS

This post is made alongside many others in Gsheller’s Wednesday Yarn-along!
Click-through the image for more information on this yarn-along,
and let me know if you decide to join!


  1. Pumpkin says

    Wahaha, the sock curse has found you! Now you will only be able to knit socks for several months and your sock drawer will explode with color! I've read one of Leo Babauta's books, I agree with some of his suggestions and not agree with others. Every once in a while one of his blog posts will really inspire me.


  2. Britney says

    haha the sock curse!a curse i think i'll happily be affected by. color is just what my wardrobe needs xDyeah, i feel similarly about his books/writings. they're great to read when i'm under a lot of school stress sometimes.


  3. Chrissy says

    Oh, I love knitting socks and I am so glad my daughter keeps asking for more, that way I always have an excuse to make more! haha xxx


  4. Britney says

    definitely! the one thing i find more pleasing than making socks is making socks for loved ones.my boyfriend will have no shortage of cozy, handmade pairs this year!


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