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pattern : silver’s sock class
yarn : knitpicks comfy sport in sweet potato
needle : US 3[3.25mm]
size : 9

Realized I never posted any photos of this finished pair, so here they are! I’m in love with the color of this pair and am really glad to have enough yarn leftover for a new pair. I’m not sure if comfy sport was the right choice for socks, as they pilled like crazy. This is really the only sock that fits me well right now, so I don’t think I’ll retire them for their pilling.

pattern : TDTU Vanilla Sock
yarn : patons kroy socks fx in cadet colors
needle : US 1[2.25mm]
size : ~10

These socks just might have been the ones to get me addicted to sock knitting right now. The colors are just gorgeous and I loved how they looked all knit up! Rachel Roue’s pattern was a great intro to toe-up socks, which as I mentioned before, seem just the kind of sock construction for me, since I really enjoy using every last bit of my yarn for each project.
Unfortunately in this case I did get a little knit happy and found out only after binding the first sock off that I made the foot about an inch too long. Instead of frogging and reworking all of those little rows, I just made the second one to match. Because I’m just that kind of knitter. That extra inch isn’t a big deal, right? I’m in my 20s, but I’ll grow into it somehow.
Last night, these poor socks went through the washer by mistake and came out a little fuzzier than before. That sort of gave my heart a jump but things could have been a lot worse. It’s not like I washed with hot water, and this isn’t fully wool. But it may be worth considering synthetic or machine-friendly blends for my future socks, just in case!

A new pair of socks are on the needles right now too! I’m already halfway done with a pair of Hunter’s Socks for Jason. I’d promise WIP shots later, but they might be done by the time I update this blog next, so expect an FO post soon!


  1. Pumpkin says

    I honestly think that socks are supposed to age like that, it gives them a completely new look that I honestly like. The slight felting makes the blue pair look even more comfy and warm. But I can definitely see why you wouldn't want to lose that gorgeous stitch definition on the orange pair.


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