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his hunter socks, wip

Finally getting around to photograph these socks in progress for Jason. I ran out of yarn at about halfway through the second sock, and had to get a new skein in a different dye lot to finish it. Here’s where they are now, right before I continue onto the reinforced slip stitch toe with my accent color. [you may notice that I’m using the same yarn for his trigger gloves–gotta use every last yard of my stash!]

It was a small discovery here–the Mercury colorway is very blue. I think it looks really nice paired with the heathery grey used for the body of the sock. I’m pleased with this little accident here.
The change in yarn dye lot is a little hard to notice in the above pic, [GOOD!] but every now and then the line of separation’s really clear. I made a couple of tries with my camera to show where the difference is in foot of my second sock.

Sure, a more patient me could have frogged this entire sock and made the second one in this new skein’s color–the socks wouldn’t quite match together, but there wouldn’t be a stripe like this. I’m not a patient me though, especially not right now. Jason assures me that he’ll love the living crap out of this pair anyway, and if they hold together under his care and frequent use, I’ll call this project a success. [and if they don’t, I definitely will have the leftover yarn to darn these with!]
I’m going to take this beautiful pair as a reminder to not sweat the small stuff. After this, I’ll be on to the next pair of Hunter’s Socks, this time, just for me.

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