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new sock yarn!

The semester finally ended! I still have momentum from the rush of finals [and frankly, there’s a feel that there is still much left to do], but I did count some change from my knitting jar and went to get these gorgeous skeins of Patons Sock Yarn. The pair on the left is in the colorway called Grey Brown Marl and on the right’s Pumpkin Spice Jacquard.
Words fail me when I try to describe why I love these color schemes. Looking at these skeins really excite me. I’m sock/sock yarn addicted!
I casted on TDTU Vanilla Socks again with the Marl colorway, since I really want to see those color shine with a simple pattern. As for the color on the right, some Globe Trotter Socks might work well with them, but I’m not really sure.
Many of these lovely patterns that I see on ravelry involve motifs that move from the cuff toward the toe. I feel horizontal blocks of color might break what is trying to be achieved with that look of a pattern. Tempted to just work with another simple stockinette pattern with them, but something a little less mindless might be for the better. Don’t hesitate to throw some suggestions my way!

P.S. I will be participating in this, starting tomorrow!

Do let me know if you’re joining in as well so I can keep up with your beautiful posts.

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