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pattern : duckies by samantha hayes
yarn : knitpicks comfy sport in sweet potato
needle : US 3[3.25mm]
size : 9.5

I actually finished this pair in mid-april but it slipped through the cracks because of the rush of finals in school [passed all of my courses, btw. WOO] These socks have been resting on top of the yarn basket for a while just begging to be worn, but I promised to not wear them out before photographing them, so here the photos are–and the socks haven’t left my feet yet!

I found this free pattern by Samantha Hayes on ravelry–it looked just challenging enough to bust some more of my stash of comfy sport. The stitch definition is really beautiful with this yarn. I can’t stop staring at how nice all of my handiwork turned out, and the color really knows how to shine when bits of sun hit it in my room. I learned just how much the yarn likes to pill, though from the last pair of socks I made, so the plan is to very gently handwash these to help them last as long as possible. Care of knitwear isn’t my strongest suit, I’ll admit. If it can’t last in the machine wash I naturally put it off or just let it disintegrate, but beautiful yarns like the comfy sport [or any other I might find in the future!]

I think my favorite part of this pattern would be how the cuff to heel pattern was resolved. It was the first time I’ve ever knit anything like that in a sock, and I was wowed by the simplicity of the solution while knitting it. I also love the little bow made at the bottom of the heel as well–little details like that really make pattern knitting a pleasure.
If you’re a sock newbie like me, I recommend you give this pattern a try. The socks knit up very quickly and only need about 80g of sport weight yarn–less than 2 of the little skeins of comfy sport. :]


  1. mkonieczki says

    These are beautiful! I really like the detail shot of the heel. It looks fantastic!


  2. Pumpkin says

    I absolutely adore sport weight socks, they are just so comfy and perfect for lounging around at home. The orange color is delightful! I'm going to be on the lookout for the colorway next time I order from Knit Picks.


  3. Britney says

    thanks! at first i thought it was a little strong for a color i'd wear but i've grown very attached to it!


  4. Nin Leavitt says

    I love the color orange too! For a sock newbie, you did a beautiful job. Lovely!


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