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marly nillas and another wip already

pattern : TDTU Vanilla Sock by Rachel Roue 
yarn : Patos Kroy Socks FX in Grey Brown Marl 
needle : US 1[2.25mm] 
size : 9.5

This is my second project using Rachel Roue’s fantastic and easy to understand pattern and I had as much fun with it as I did the first. What really added to my enjoyment was seeing how each loop coming from the skein translated into the stripes I see now. There’s really something about seeing self striping yarn transform into these lovely unique things that I find really hard to explain, but I know that I’m going to see much more of this type of yarn in my stash box in the future.

The cuffs for these socks reach up to about mid-calf, which is quite a bit shorter than I expected them to be while still knitting them. I owe it to both the small gauge throwing me off and the length lost when the ribbing stretched to fit my legs [by the way. the idea to learn Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off for the ends of these socks was a great one. I don’t know how I could have gotten these around my legs If I used my standard bind off method!].
This project and my shops orders have been a real opportunity for me to learn how to pace myself. Between knitting and art[which would be my day job], I’ve been putting a large amount of strain on my wrists and hands. It really paid off to listen to the advice of my fellow artists and knitters to take frequent breaks and stretch regularly. If you feel a niggling pain in your wrists after a long day of knitting, I highly recommend you make stretching during some downtime in a queue or in the car part of your daily life. Even a 5 minute stretch a day will make knitting noticeably comfortable. :]
It’s really only been a night but I’m already quite a few repeats into another sock project from the stash! I was a little unsure of what pattern might work well for a color scheme with this much contrast but I settled with the really nice Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder. The repeating texture of the body of the sock brings something really nice to stripes I think, so it works pretty well with the intensity of my yarn instead of distracting from or competing with it. Excited to see how it turns out!
I’m already noticing just how stretchy the material is–hopefully it will fare well during the summer. I’m planning to wear it out really often.
I’m stoked about these socks UGGGH! With every month I’ve been a pair closer to a fully handmade sock drawer!


  1. Leslie says

    Yes to breaks, stopping to stretch, and switching up activities. Those have all really helped me!I love self-striping yarn. It's so much more motivating to keep knitting! Love the way your socks turned out.


  2. Britney says

    definitely! i've heard the advice to do those things for ages but haven't really taken it until i've seen pain creep up. I guess that's the way it would go for people like me. xDand thanks! it's certainly motivating to wonder which color will come next!


  3. Mademoiselle Marie says

    The socks are gorgeous! I love self striping yarn for socks – I usually just knit very simple socks (because socks are always my 'on the go' project and I can't bother to take a pattern etc. when I just have 5minutes to knit while waiting in line etc). I started a pair of Hermione's everyday socks myself a couple of months ago. Hmm, maybe I should finish that second sock eventually.. 😉


  4. Britney says

    Thank you!I'm typically a monogamous knitter but it seems like an awesome idea to have a dedicated on-the-go project. My socks may just fly off the needles faster if I take them with me–if i could just get over the fear of a little dpn snapping in my bag by accident D:Do finish that sock and share! It's crazy how beautiful such simple stitch combinations make–I'm so in love with this project!


  5. Pumpkin says

    The socks look so cuddly! The colorway reminds me of sock monkey for some reason, it makes them even more cute! I think I recognize the yarn you are using for the next pair of socks, is it Classic Elite? You are knitting so many socks, I absolutely love seeing each and every one of them! Definitely take breaks, I learned that the hard way when I had two months of lab work on the computer. Never again.


  6. Britney says

    I think that might have been the appeal of the color scheme to me!The yarn I'm using is actually patons stretch sock in pumpkin spice jacquard. :>ugh, yep. my story sounds pretty similar.


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