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So after exactly 48 rounds of the foot of my sock, I realized my gusset decreases were way off. There was no way around it. No notes to make for the next sock to match, no nothing. I had to rip back.

And then the rows were gone. It’s crazy how all my hours of work can quickly be undone–just like that.

I know this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this frogging frustration, but I struggle to remember exactly which projects left me feeling that way. The joy of binding the projects off seem to overwrite the memory of all those little [and big!] drawbacks, and knowing that is enough to help me feel better about the mistake. All I need to be is a bit more careful next time, and count my stitches often before proceeding to the next big step in the pattern or lack thereof.

Besides, I had a great opportunity wind a nice little cake out of my yarn, and while digging the winder for it I found a second set of size 1 dpns that I didn’t even know I owned. If it makes little difference between needle material I might just cast the second sock on and spare myself of second sock syndrome to speed things up.
Tonight might not have to be such a big step backward after all.


  1. mkonieczki says

    ARGH! I have been in this same situation before. It's never enjoyable to have to rip back progress on a project. Especially one that is so close to complete. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing from here, out.


  2. Britney says

    thanks, i'm hoping for no more big mistakes like that again for these socks. ><


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