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natural history museum in la, dino exhibit

I’ve got a real knack for taking photos and never sharing them! A few short months ago Jason and I went to the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles. Much of it changed since I last visited for a class, and he’s never been at all, so it was must-go kind of day.

The main attraction for us was the new dinosaur exhibit. The specimens were breathtaking and the exhibit itself really impressively designed! I also finally caught a photo of his Christopher hat in action[repair and all]. He hardly lets it leave his sight, so I can’t complain about not having a proper shoot done for it to show off my handiwork. :]


My most admired part of the dinosaur exhibit is how the lighting really brought out the little details and textures of these bones. Close friends know that I have a real soft spot for anatomy, so spending time here was a real treat.

Sometimes it really hits you that all of these fantastic things are real–there’s a lot that’s beautiful in this world. Makes me honored to have such a large bank of imagery and information to draw from, both as a concept artist and designer for knitwear.

I invite you to come by if you ever have the chance–I was really attached to the dinosaurs and animal exhibits, but there is much more to see [and maybe in a million years, pics of those things might find themselves on this blog too].

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  1. mkonieczki says

    Wow. You have some very impressive dinosaurs on display at your NHM. I don't take full advantage of the museums I have at my disposal. I should make more of an effort to spend time at them.


  2. Britney says

    you definitely should! i don't know about any of the others but tickets are pretty inexpensive at my museum. if it were any easier to get to, i'd go there at least once a month to sketch!


  3. Kirstin Gallagher says

    Natural History museums are my favorite! I love the dinosaurs and dioramas and everything at the ones in NY and DC — I'll have to visit that one the next time I'm in LA!


  4. Britney says

    yes!i've yet to leave my home state, but when i do i'll have to visit the other big natural history museums too!


  5. Anonymous says

    I'm always envisioning bones and other anatomical features designed into fibre art pieces. I hope this visit brings you some wonderful inspiration!


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