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wip: charcoal angler’s loop socks

I’ve spent so much of my time working on my day job or on shop knits that I’ve neglected my own personal projects! After my first craft show at St. Cornelius in Long Beach (which went very well, btw!) I decided to get back to knitting an old wip I took on in July. I don’t think I blogged about it yet but here’s my try at Andrea Mules’s Angler’s Loop pattern.

I’ve never really taken on a real cabling pattern so this was daunting at first but quickly became very fun to do. I decided to go for two pattern repeats instead of the three shown in the pattern photos, but other than that I was true to the instructions. Can’t wait to see this finished. I’m in love with how the yarn looks and feels and just need them on my feet asap.

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