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wip: first sweater

Alright, now if it were any other project I’d spend a little time blogging about the yarn I chose or other project preparation details before getting into the meat of the knit piece, but 1. I wanted to devote my time to the inevitable beginning mess-ups/frogs/re-cast-ons that come with embarking on such a large project before telling anyone online about it and 2. I was just too damn excited to work on and eventually wear this thing!

So here it is, after 5 hours of shopping yarn colorways and prices, and at least 3 repeated cast-on attempts, my first hand knit sweater in progress. Thanks to Jane Richmond for her so-far wonderfully simple and easy to follow pattern.

I went with the fisherman’s wool in natural brown because I thought it went pretty well with my skin tone and wardrobe. Also because, for three skeins on the day I decided to head out and buy, it cost about $16, as opposed to the cost of $45 for the 7 skeins of the recommended Patons Classic Wool (right now, I’m having so much fun with this sweater so far that I just might make a second for myself in Patons, just because I can).

It also turns out that my three skeins of yarn bought for this sweater are of two different dye lots–one is labeled with 001, and the other two with 002. I…think I’m okay with this. Maybe I’ll try some super subtle striping along the sleeves or wherever the first skein looks like it’s beginning to run out. If I don’t do it and it looks like I knit this with two loudly different shades of brown, I think I’ll love the sweater anyway. ❤

One big worry I have while working on this thing is the annoying itching I get on my nose and lap. I’m hoping so hard that it isn’t me discovering that I’m actually allergic to wool (which would be the most tragic thing), and that I’m probably just reacting to the little bits of grass that I occasionally pull out of the yarn fed into the wip. I’ve never had this reaction while working with wool before, so maaaaybe whatever’s making my skin itch will come out in the wash.

All of my fingers are crossed on this hope here. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll happily take allergy medication as gifts, cos I’m not planning to give up wool any time soon.

Expect my next update of this sweater to be an FO one! Or…one that’s full of curse words.. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


  1. BeadingByJenn says

    its coming along nicely!! nice color too! hopefully the itching will stop 🙂


  2. Britney says

    Thanks, Jen. Yep, hopefully it's just me not quite getting used to the feel of wool–my boyfriend had the very same issue for a very short time when he received my handmade wool gloves as a gift, but it went away quickly. Fingers crossed!


  3. Jessyz says

    It looks wonderful already. I have allergies in general, and sometimes some wools do make me sneeze and itch, but usually once it has been washed everything is ok


  4. Britney says

    That's definitely a settling thing to hear–I'll judge after its first rinse-and-block, not giving up on wool that easy!


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