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my tiny sock repair

I found a tiny little hole in one of my hand knit socks and was pretty excited to repair it! Preeetty sure i won’t feel the same way about any damage done to my socks in the future, but right now I’ll go right ahead and embrace this feeling of opportunity.


It’s such a tiny little hole too! Normally I’d just loop a bit of yarn on the purl side of the thing, tie a knot and leave it at that, but a little while ago I found that Jason’s Hunter Socks came loose around the heel and is on the shelf waiting to be fixed and worn again. It feels like a good idea to put in some practice with my own pieces.

repairing socks reminds me that I don’t need to worry about unexpected events or problems that may lie ahead in my life. as someone with an at times overwhelming problem with anxiety and withdrawal, it’s a small but very important bit of assurance that sticking to and fixing things that you’ve spent a lot of time building and making with love is almost always a better option than just jumping ship or throwing it all away. The result is also often even more beautiful or meaningful than something that’s gone on with no snags or problems.

tl;dr knitting is pretty cool, and repairing knits is pretty cool too.

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