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fo: her hunter socks

And they’re finally done! These are probably the quickest mid-calf socks I’ve finished, clocking in at two and a half days. I’m so proud!

pattern : Hunter Socks by Freshisle Fibers
yarn : Patons North America Classic Wool Worsted in Grey Mix, Dark Grey Mix, and Mercury
needle : US 3[3.25 mm]
size : 9.5

These are my “her” Hunter Socks, the second half of my set of two–the first part made about eight (!) months ago for Jason. The socks are meant to hold a meaning to me in how and with what they’re made, and I’m happy to see that my plan worked out.

The socks were made with three shades of grey (grey being our agreed-upon favorite er, non-color to wear): Mercury, out of the skein used to knit his fingerless gloves and used as an accent color for both our socks, with Grey Mix and Dark Grey Mix bought and used as main colors for our socks.

I matched the minimal cuff striping as well as the accented toe for each pair, though there are a few differences between his and mine:

  • His has a reinforced heel and toe, both accented, while

  • My socks have a plain toe without the contrasted heel (mostly because I didn’t have enough accent yarn left over x:)

  • Also my cuff stripe and toe yarns are two different shades of the grey, which looks quite cute, despite it being done because I was working with the tiniest wads of leftover yarn and a worry that I’d run out.

We can go ahead and pretend this was all done on purpose and not half-improvised like, let’s face, most of my projects are. Anyway, still proud, and still excited with how these socks look and feel. I’m another pair closer to a fully handmade sock drawer, for my love Jason and me both. :]

This will definitely not be the last time I work with this pattern. The directions are perfectly simple, easy to follow and hits just the right balance between plain and interesting to keep around. If you want a bit of a break from knitting plain vanilla socks, find some worsted weight yarn in your stash (if you have one) and cast on a pair for yourself or a loved one for the cold months ahead.

..augh it’s so beautiful guys! KNITTING IS SO AWESOME!


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