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Hello 2014!

It’s January 3rd, 2014 and I’m diagnosing myself with first-page syndrome. Artists and writers will know what I’m talking about. You buy yourself a new sketchbook, planner, or journal and stare at the first page, almost afraid to make that first mark because you might ruin your shot at this new wonderful fresh start.

It was at this point today that I realized that this is exactly the thing new years goals are for—this is the fear I need to practice conquering daily, so instead of staring at false start after false start hoping for the ‘perfect’ entry to happen, I’ll just go right ahead and get to writing to you about what’s happened lately.

Knitmeter tells me that I’ve knit a total of about 10.3 miles in 2013, and imo not enough of that knitting was for me. 2014 can do to be a year of more selfish knitting.

  • Reviews/handmade appreciation I’ve been catching a lot of really beautiful handmade show and small businesses around the internet and locally! One personal resolution this year was to buy handmade, and giving props to crafters could be a good part of that too. :]

  • What this semi-sabbatical means for Bapsicrafts shoppers is that for now, only ready-made items will be available for purchase. We’re looking at about 80+ items available to be shipped to you from my little shop. I will steadily stock up on different color variations of existing made-to-order designs as I can. It will take time to send finished knits home but it will happen, so check back soon or drop a line if you don’t mind the long order turn-around!

    Oh, and my brother was nice enough to take the time to handle shipping for Bapsicrafts back home, so orders should continue to work smoothly as before!

    Thanks for being such wonderful readers everyone. I hope you had a great holiday season and new year’s celebration, and I hope your resolutions for 2014 stick! I’ll write a bit about how my 2013 resolutions went and this year’s plans next time. :]

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    1. Anonymous says

      How exciting that you get to live in England for a few months! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your adventures.


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