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wip: Ribbed for Him Socks

I spent the last few weeks working through about 400 grams of yarn to finish those pairs of socks for Jason (and one for me~). It was one Hunter’s Sock after another—that memorized routine which, admittedly got a little old after a while.

It was hard to keep interest but the work paid off! We’ve got three nice new pairs in rotation (meaning, hopefully his high rate of wearing holes will go down), and my little traveller’s stash shrunk quite a bit. I’d show proper photos of the finished socks, but I’m proud to say they’re either happily in use or waiting to be washed. I’ll make a little FO post about them later. :]


What’s going on now? Next to commissioned art, hiking and dining, I’ve been working through A Clash of Kings (read: dodging TV spoilers like an ace), and having a blast with Marie Godsey’s

Ribbed for Him pattern. It’s a new functional knit ribbing pattern style I love. The variegated yarn has me stopping often to show Jason how awesome these spontaneous little stripes are turning up on these little things. ugggggh the colors…!!!! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of variegated and self striping yarn.

The badass yarn currently being transformed here is James C. Brett’s Woodlander DK in Shade L5. The scheme brings cozy fires, flannels and of petrichor to mind. Manly pajamas too for some reason. My kinda thing.


I can’t understate how much of a nice departure this is from the last three pairs of socks I knit. I’m expecting this project to be a comfy staple in my sock collection and am super excited to see them finished.


  1. Kaiya says

    Self-striping yarn is truly fantastic – sometimes it's that one little bit of extra visual interest that keeps a project going. Your WIP looks lovely – conjures up images of cozy woodsiness, just like you say.


  2. severien says

    hi Britney, thanks for the comment on my blog! i just discovered yours and i'm loving it here! 🙂 it is indeed SO much fun knitting with self-striping yarn. i can't wait to see the colours popping up and working together as i go. your WIP is looking amazing, i love the earthy colours! it's so nice that your boyfriend (Jason = boyfriend, right? ;)) loves wearing your socks so much. 🙂


  3. Britney says

    Aw, thanks for the compliment, Severien! It means a lot coming from a blogger I really admire!Yep, definitely agreed. It'll be one real challenge to wait for all my WIPs to be done before I grab more self-striping yarn.


  4. Anonymous says

    I'm loving the self-striping yarn too! Definitely keeps the interest when the going gets tough 🙂 Can't wait to see a few more pairs!! I'm also (pseudo)reading Clash of Kings via Audible and it's been super tough to avoid spoilers 🙂 I'm excited to hear/read more. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work.


  5. Britney says

    Thanks. :DI just finished CoK just a few days ago, and all I have to say is, you're in for it! hahaI have to take a break from Martin's work for a little while, it's one hell of a journey getting through his books.


  6. Marie Godsey says

    Hi! Thank you for the kind words regarding my pattern. I'm glad you enjoyed knitting them as I've enjoyed watching them grow through the pictures on your pattern page.-With Love,Marie


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