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fo: entwined bed socks

This project didn’t last long at all! After I finished the last pair and a shop knit, I went digging in my suitcase for yarn I brought from home (Yep, a strict 50lb suitcase limit to travel overseas, and some of it was yarn..). A lone skein of Patons Wool was lying their waiting to be attended to, so I casted on and knit away.


pattern : Entwined House Socks for Ladies by Margaret MacInnis

yarn : Patons North America Classic Wool Worsted in Grey Mix

needle : US 6[4 mm]

size : 9.5

Entwined was the calming cabled sock pattern I was looking for after I completed my Angler’s Loop Socks

late last year. I’m happy to have come across it (and it’s free too!). It’s basically a vanilla ankle sock pattern but with a little more involvement at the very beginning–so these just flew right off the needles while I was watching Stargate SG-1 this weekend, with a little bit of yarn to spare for reinforcing the heel using the tutorial

Severien suggested. Thanks, pretty sure it’ll help the heels! Personally I found the reinforcement process to be suuper fiddly and tedious, but if you spent ages working on your socks and want them to last that much more, it’s worth the time investment. This pair in particular won’t cause a tragedy if they get mixed in with the wrong washing load, but they’re still all the better for it.


My favorite detail next to the gorgeous cabled cuff would be the way she designed the wide ribbing to balance nicely on the top of the foot. It takes a little extra work when you’re setting up the heel in the beginning, but worth the satisfaction when you wear it completed. :] I’m also in love with the plain toe over carrying the ribbing all the way through, like in my last project. There’s something about a plain toe that balances whatever drama you have along the rest of the sock. It’s the resting point this pattern needed, and Margaret made a good call on making it this way. :]

With one less skein in the suitcase, I felt the weight of guilt lift from my shoulders and made a yarn purchase yesterday. The yarns are a nice 75% wool, 25% nylon blend that I’ll use for…you guessed it, more socks. I’m hoping to be able to make just a few more socks for Jason before I head back home mid-June(and have to deal with the horrors of international shipping), so the race is on.

P.S. : I will be participating in this, starting tomorrow!


  1. Kaiya says

    Wow, those are large needles – is that worsted yarn? I bet those socks are very plush and cushy!


  2. Britney says

    Yep, very cushy! The instant gratification with worsted-weight socks is just too addictive!


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