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5KCBWDAY3 – Experimental Photography And Image Handling For Bloggers

Day Three (Wednesday 14th May): Experimental Photography And Image Handling For Bloggers.

I’ve been meaning to explore ways to better show the emotional/environmental context for my knits. It’s present when we knitters look at our work I think, we see a pair of socks we made and it brings us back to a moment we spent making it–maybe around good company at a knitting circle, maybe sitting down on a perfect morning, maybe in the middle of the most stressful day yet–it’s always there.

The last big one I had were those Ribbed socks completed earlier this month. That day could not have been better; I took hundreds of photos! A foot would be blurry in one shot (“this would be terrible for ravelry, I wouldn’t measure up!”), or a stick would be in the way(“this is garbage compositionally”).

I’m glad I had the chance to experiment with two of the types of photos that don’t see the light of day usually. 😀 Among other things that I tried today:

  • Messing with filters/levels (well, I always did, but they’re veeery apparent this time!

  • Moving the watermark outside of the photo itself and working with transparent PNGs (although flickr might have flattened them and made them opaque)

  • Adding writing. I’ve been wanting to fit my cruddy handwriting into photos! It feels more personal than using someone’s typeface.

Anywho, this was fun! I’ll definitely make a habit of this in the future. I tried some things that didn’t work out too well, but that’s half of the joy of experimentation! The other half would be finding stuff that does work. :]

This (somewhat late!) post is part of Eskimimi Makes’ 5th Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog Week. To find posts by other participating bloggers, simply google 5KCBWDAY3 and explore away!

Have you tried anything new with your blogging or knitting? What worked/didn’t work? What’s surprised you?


  1. Jodiebodie says

    You make an excellent point about the emotional context of a hand crafted item – where it might be obvious to the maker, but not necessarily to the recipient or photo viewer. For those of us seeking inspiration it is always fascinating to discover the sources of others' inspiration. By listing your experiments with other skills and effects, you are inspiring others to discover new methods and possibilities. I am so glad I found your blog. 🙂


  2. Britney says

    Thanks for your kind words, I'm glad my experiment had a positive effect!


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