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wip: Chai Latte Socks

Here’s what I’ve been doing with that skein of Hot Socks Country. They’re called my Chai Latte socks, named for my favorite drink at Bec’s Coffee in Bridgnorth.


If you’re in the area, pay Bec’s a visit! The staff are kind, the cafe cozy (with a gorgeous lounge area upstairs), and the drinks and cakes are delicious.

I’ve gone enough times to have a ‘usual’: the chai latte with chilis. The chai latte’s one of my favorite drinks, and Bec’s is so far the best kind that I’ve had. Jason’s tried something new from the menu each time, and has liked them so far–he chose the “piccolo” today, he thought it was quite nice. :]

Ah, back to the socks in progress. I’m using Virginia Rose-Jeanes’ Vanilla Latte Socks pattern and it’s been pretty fun so far. I like that she allowed for different ribbing cuff options, and wrote directions for three different heels to choose. I went for a simple K2 P2 ribbing for the cuff, and worked an Eye of Partridge heel. If you recall I had my first experience with Eye of Partridge when working on Hermione’s Everyday Socks last June.

The wool itself has been sort of scratchy, but I have some faith that it will soften up in the wash. Or at least that it will hold up a promise of being tough and durable. I also notice that the wool is a little bit “sticky?” As I unwind the skein I feel the strand kind of unzip as it’s being pulled off from the rest of the wool. Anyone else have this with certain yarns? It’s probably nothing bad, just a little bit interesting to find while working with new yarns from LYS in this part of the West Midlands.


  1. Lucy Bowen says

    My husband loves chai latte's too. Your socks look great, very cosy and good colour – I hope they do soften up.


  2. Anonymous says

    I'm also a chai latte fan ๐Ÿ™‚ Loving the socks so far!! The "sticky" quality is something I've come across in some wool yarns and in some alpaca yarns. I read about it in the Knitter's Book of Yarn. It has to do with the animal fibers wanted to stay "stuck" to itself. Usually its a good quality in that things knit with animal fiber tend to want to hold their original shape and will go back to size after they are blocked/washed. I would be careful with the wash since it's already sticking now, I would hate to see them felt in the wash ๐Ÿ™‚ Beautiful things!


  3. Kaiya says

    I'm getting that "stickiness" with the Malabrigo Worsted that I'm knitting with now – sometimes it sticks so much that I'm afraid the yarn's felted to itself in the skein! Like Jenna says, it has to do with the scales on the fibers that act like hooks. Superwashing a yarn usually strips these scales. I assume your yarn isn't superwash?


  4. Meg Wesley says

    I do like the Vanilla Latte socks, but I haven't cast them on yet. It is nice to know that the designer gives you different cuff and heel options. Most people don't do that so that makes it a great sock for beginning knitters. All of my friends are getting tired of me recommending them the Hermione Everyday Socks, so I have been looking for a new friendly to beginners sock pattern to try.And that chai latte looks awesome!


  5. severien says

    i cast on the vanilla latte socks a couple of times with different yarn, but i never finished a pair yet. the pattern is high on my "to knit"-list, i love the cuff and heel options and can't wait to try another heel method! also, i never tried a chai latte, i have to try it one day. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Britney says

    Thanks Lucy, I tried the first sock on after I finished it and it feels comfy enough!


  7. Britney says

    Thanks for the tip. :] I'll be sure to handwash these just to stay on the safe side. Fingering weight socks are one hell of a committment!


  8. Britney says

    Funny, the label says superwash..maybe the superwash treatment for this brand isn't as tough? I'll just be careful when washing this, just to be safe. :]


  9. Britney says

    I hadn't even thought of it before but it makes perfect sense now that a beginner like me was so drawn to those two sock patterns! I agree they could be perfect for people a little daunted by sock constructed and want to take it slowly, or even the more brave newbie knitter. ๐Ÿ˜€


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