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two coasters (& pattern)

Recently Jason’s felt a little uncomfortable with resting his mug right on the dark finish of our new desks. But with my back to back personal sock projects and the Bapsicrafts pieces always on the needles, he’s been reluctant to make a request. Now that my Chai Latte Socks are finished, and my traveling Bapsicrafts stash here is dwindling at a morale-boosting rate, I’ve had the kind of lull in my knitting that must have given him the strength to ask(I was happy to oblige!) I found some leftover wool from this past winter’s projects, cast on until the width felt just right, and went to improvising a coaster.

And then–I made one for me, just to match. Like our lens mugs?

The coasters love each others’ company! I’d hate to tear them away from each other when I go back to California in just under two weeks’ time, so they’ll stay to cushion Jason’s mugs here in England. I’ll look forward to our visits when I have enough saved up to come back. For anyone interested, here’s the simple pattern to make your own. It uses less than 25 yards of any leftover worsted weight yarn you have lying around. I worked this with 4.5mm needles.

Cast on 22 stitches.
Work 30 rounds of Seed Stitch.
If you’d like a neat slip stitch edge, slip the first stitch of each row purlwise, and knit the last stitch of each row.
Bind off, and weave in.


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