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I have a million thanks to give to the LYS Search feature on Ravelry. I’m lucky to have the map light up like a little christmas tree in Los Angeles, but around Bridgnorth, it’s a slightly rarer sight. So when I found out about Ippikin, I had to sink the £20 travel fare to visit.

Unfortunately it had to rain on the day we set out, but I was determined to travel anyway (and Jason was such a great sport about it too!) The moment we spotted the shop I snapped just one photo and ran inside for shelter. You’ll have to see for yourself if you get there–the place is a little yarn haven.

Among local brands carried are Rowan, Lion Brand, Opal, and much more. I had a great time squishing skeins that I’ve only seen photos of online.

There’s also a nice little nook to knit and chat. On the day I visited, a small crochet class was currently in session.

Lesley was a fantastic host and was a tremendous help to me. I let her know I was looking for some local yarns and she showed me big parts of the wall devoted to these gorgeous skeins of soft wool! I chose 4 skeins of Woolyknits’ Aran for Bapsicrafts. These skeins will each turn into lovely Condyle wristwarmers that I’ll have for sale in the shop. :] Woolyknits’ yarn is spun in their mill in Saddleworth, Yorkshire in the valleys of the Pennines in northern England. I’m more than excited to have this part of Britain on my needles and to share it with shoppers of Bapsicrafts. :]


And, of course, I made a rather large personal purchase. I don’t allow myself the luxury very often at all, since I’m kind of in practice of not having a personal stash when I can help it.  But these yarns! I’ve seen sock after sock knit in Regia or Opal yarns and, crap, here’s my chance! The Rhubarb colorway, and this variegated bluish shade of the Opal yarn are going to look fantastic as socks.

I’m not going to cast any of those on just yet, since they’d most likely be in progress for a while. I anticipate not being allowed to knit at all on the airplane back, so sparing myself of a sock wip in the suitcase will be the best idea.

As for the DK Knitcol yarns, well..


…my hand slipped.


  1. Lucy Bowen says

    Some lovely yarn purchases, looking forward to seeing them knitted up.


  2. kristieinbc says

    What a great yarn shop! I love the buttons in the jars on the table. I think you'll really like knitting with the Opal. And the socks will last almost forever – it's very tough yarn!


  3. Britney says

    Thanks, it certainly is!I'm still deciding on a pattern to use with the Opal, but chances are good that it might just be another trusty vanilla sock. :]


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