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strong letter to follow


Regia Hand-Dye Effect, You’ve been bad, very bad. In fact, you’ve been absolutely naughty.

I’ve frogged and frogged countless times, more than I usually do anyway. Your black thread is an absolute ace at finding (creating, I’d argue) every rough part of the texture of my wooden needles, wedging right in, and calling itself at home. I even tried switching between metal and wooden needles to try to deal with your attitude. What did those poor DPNS ever do to you?


And what the heck is up with your fibers? That black thread deal is 10000% not fun to knit with and completely inflexible. Your silky soft “halo” (you’re not fooling me with that halo crap) twists up and sticks to itself whenever convenient. Complete layers of you peel right off the skein and turn into birds nests. We can forget about trying to wind you into a little cake, my yarn-winder is brand new and doesn’t deserve your mess.


Worst thing is, you were beautiful at the LYS and still are! Your colors are gorgeous. I even catch my jaw sometimes when the light hits those carried over stitches on the pattern and your hues shine. But I should have known better than to trust you so easily. I should have chased a wifi hot-spot to find reviews on Ravelry before tilling in. The knitters all warned me about you, but I found out far too late.

Your reign of terror is over. I’m sentencing you to the shelf until I can muster the patience to deal with your shenanigans.

P.S. Don’t let me catch you felting with the other skeins. I’ll know.

Dearest Rhubarb Show-offs,

I’m so sorry for having such a short fuse with you, I really am! I should have had more faith in your design. You’re brilliantly made. What small amount of trepidation I felt for your absolutely beautiful and  unfamiliar heel construction was amplified and misguided by the frustration I felt while working with that awful yarn (by the way, we’re not speaking right now, thought you should know).

I’m not mad at you anymore..but I think I’ll need some space. I think I should see other knits for a while. Like a plain stockinette sock or two. Just something carefree and easy, y’know? But don’t worry. They’ve got nothing on what we have for each other. I promise. ♥


  1. Kaiya says

    Oh noooo, that yarn sounds absolutely awful to work with! The Rav comments on it all sound so frustrated. I'm doubly sorry for you because the color does look absolutely gorgeous, and the sock pattern seems interesting and engaging.


  2. Britney says

    Right?! That's why I feel so guilty putting this away and working on something else! With a few glasses of wine maybe I'll have the patience to finish the pair and finally enjoy them on my feet, but that's not happening any time soon.To the vanilla socks we go!


  3. Kate Price says

    I just finished a shawl with that yarn. I hate it and I hated knitting it. The colours were so delightful in the ball in the shop, and it felt nice, but knitting with it is awful. And I hate the stripey effect. Charity bin!


  4. Lucy Bowen says

    It's such a shame – the sock looks fantastic, but it's been so bad!!


  5. Niina says

    I felt the same with that yarn. Regia is my favourite sock yarn brand but after that less so.


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