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I’m Alive!

domino socks for Jason are about 75% done as well too. I think they may be in his hands by Christmas! I’ll write again soon, it’s been a real pleasure to read everyone’s knitting blog posts this summer/fall and I’m excited to jump back into craft and shop blogging soon.

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  1. Pumpkin says

    So glad to hear from you! Although I have seen you on instagram sometimes which is always fun. I'm especially glad to hear that your wrist is feeling better.


  2. Britney says

    Thanks~ It's a pleasure seeing your knitting updates now that your workload seems to be lightening up a bit!


  3. Lisa N. says

    good to hear you are doing better and a slow recovery is fine 🙂 I think the wrist warmers look lovely and your boyfriend will love his socks they look awesome. I love the colors and how it looks like shading and transitioning between colors.Take care!Lisa


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