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wip: The Great Devourer

Last week, I was browsing scrap yarn blanket patterns after looking at the overfull yarn basket in my room (as you do), and found just the thing I wanted to try out for myself—Joan L. Hamer’s Mindless Knitting, TV Watching, Scrap-User Upper Afghan.
I didn’t have a needle large or long enough, and I certainly didn’t have enough scraps lying around for an entire blanket. But I casted on. It took 20 minutes to do it, but I casted on and just got started.
Since then, this project has really grown!

This project has been really difficult to put down, so at one point I’ve had to lock it in a different room so I can get other projects finished on time. But we are quickly becoming very good friends though!
He is—or more accurately, they are, since this project contains MULTITUDES—always here for me during reading time, and is always happy to eat up whatever worsted weight bits and scraps I dig up while doing my cleaning. Which is why I’m going to name my new pet GD, short for Great Devourer.
As of today, GD is about 8” tall and easily at least 85” around (He’s a big ol’ tube shape for now). I’m looking forward to how much GD will grow when I next post about them.

How about you? Do you have a scrap busting project on standby for what’s left of your primary projects? Any plans for one soon? Do tell in the comment section!


  1. Brandy Velten says

    Looks pretty with all those colors together and it sounds like a fun, relaxing knit.


  2. Britney says

    Absolutely. I initially didn't want to have a blanket with all of these colors together, but the tastelessness really adds to an overall charm to it! Also my non-inherited stash seems to have a scheme of its own anyway so I think I will grow to love it very much.


  3. Anonymous says

    Great idea!! I've been thinking about starting a 10-stitch zig zag blanket for my odds and ends…I just don't have a ton of one weight…everything is all over the place!


  4. Britney says

    Yeah, I think I can understand the challenge of having different stash weights. It's been a real help to now know to organise the scraps by weight or fiber when possible, and just have multiple busting projects going at once.


  5. Hanni says

    What a smart idea to use the leftover yarns! I am planning to use up scraps for toys or dolls which could be gifted to my nieces.


  6. Britney says

    Toys and dolls may seem like a much better idea for scraps if you have the amount I did in scraps. I ran out of all the scraps I own about a foot into this blanket already!


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