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wip: nakniswemo2016, slide + knitpicks stash acquisition!

Happy November! I recently made a big yarn purchase from


for this special winter month, and now that they’ve arrived, I can finally show you. But first, a sock WIP update–

Monkey Socks

sometime soon.

As for the Zen Garden yarn–it’s easily the softest sock yarn I’ve had the privilege of working with to date, but I think the colorway shifts too aggressively for the purpose of this design. I’ll likely keep knitting it, but another go at this project with a softly solid MadelineTosh might be in order in the future.


, a gorgeous pattern that has been sitting in my queue for a long time. I chose Knitpicks’ Wool of the Andes Superwash in Mineral Heather, which looks even better in person.

This lovely but kinda garish set of Brava Sport is another new addition. I bit the bait


and shelled out the ~whopping (not) $25 for a Rainbow Hue Shift kit from Knitpicks. This is gonna be my first afghan project (well, one that isn’t

a sausage project


Suffice it to say I got bitten by the knitting bug this fall/winter and I’m happily letting myself head where the line leads me, even if it means breaking my Big Rule of WIP Monogamy. See you all soon with photos of these projects!


  1. severien says

    oooohhh, i simply LOVE the Rainbow Hue shift afghan! especially in the brown/blue/green colorway! but unfortunately Knitpicks doesn't ship worldwide, so i guess i won't be knitting it anytime soon. (which is probably a good thing because i'm not ready for a big WIP like an afghan) 😉 can't wait to see your afghan in progress!


  2. Britney says

    i absolutely can't wait to knit this afghan!and hey, whenever you feel ready to knit this gorgeous looking kit, i would be happy to have it be sent to my place and i can mail it directly to yours!


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