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wip: gd, slide, scrapsocks

I haven’t posted about GD in a little while, and it’s mostly been because I work on it extremely infrequently. I’m extremely grateful to the two kind ravelers who sent me their scraps, because therapy-knitting them these last few weeks (last week especially) had been a simple process. GD has grown to be 53in(~135cm) thanks to all your yarn scraps! That’s about underarm height for 5’9″ me, so I’ve still got a ways to go before it reaches a good enough length.


I’m only a tiny bit anxious to see this bound off, but it’s for three little reasons here:

  • it’s getting cold, and a trusty blanket we already use has had to be retired because it’s disintegrating

  • the wealth of interestingstashprojects out there to cast-on

  • I think I might be a product knitter

If it doesn’t happen for another while, I won’t sweat it. It’s entirely gratifying to see how little stash I have to my name now (not counting planned-and-spoken-for stash). I’ve been unravelling the less relevant Bapsicrafts items (remember Ipod sleeves?!) to free up that kind of room. Also, needless to say, I broke my No Cotton rule eons ago, so this thing is gonna be interesting to see out of the dryer.

Updates of my other WIPs: (I know, I’m a bad non-monogamous knitter right now)

My scrap pair #1’s done and has been bound off! I didn’t weave in those ends yet, because one of the socks needs to be re-bound with something a little more stretchy. This is my remaining fingering-weight yarn (minus the 78 yards of my eggplant Regia), which will transform into my next scrap pair once the WIP-count’s gone down a bit.


That last photo of my NaKniSweMo project here was completely frogged! I thought I would luck-out without swatching but I absolutely didn’t. When I tried that WIP on over my shoulders to gauge how far I’d gone, the sweater fell through to the floor–it was absolutely massive. So after frogging the thing, I swatched like a good knitter, and sized down to a 5mm needle. Today marks finally reaching un-crinkly, brand new yarn, so it might be smooth sailing from here on out.

The Slide socks have unfortunately been ignored. I reached the heel flap on the first sock, and might not really attend to it until I’m on-schedule again with this sweater project.

With the holidays around the corner, I might consider going for a hand-knit round of gifts for my loved ones. An example: my Cocoon hat knit in time for Canada turned out to be too thick for comfortable on-ear headphone use for me, but will definitely be perfect for a friend of mine who lives somewhere cold (and prefers in-ears!)

I’ll have to see how I’ll handle other gifts, but I’m looking forward to joining the rest of the knitting community in a rush for midnight Christmas.

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