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wip: scrap socks 2, slide

Second sock syndrome successfully prevented. I think I made a good call on knitting these one-at-a-time. It helps me better focus on each sock’s different pattern. It still feels like a bit of a waste to have just one sock being worked on a long circular needle, so, in spite of my renewed fear of snapping another thin needle while on the go…

wip-scrap-socks-2-slide_30598956934_o.jpgwip-scrap-socks-2-slide_30598956934_o.jpg I moved these onto dpns, and…


..casted on my second pair of scrap ankle socks. Scrankle socks. These are made using Brittney Elbertson’s Go to Shortie Socks pattern. She originally wrote these for a small diameter circular needle (which is a fantastic idea! Someday.) But I wanted these both knit at once for some semi-identical socks. It feels like the way to make the best look out of a random and usually horrific color scheme you often get with yarn scraps.

It thankfully took only a few minutes to learn how to start cuff-down socks with a magic loop, as the method turned out to be super simple. Definitely an easy addition to any knitter’s arsenal of skills.


Brittney’s pattern is very well laid out and simple to follow. She took care to make these socks easy to adapt to your favorite sock knitting method. It all is coming out to be a quick and portable knit. I plan to use these (and all of my scrap ankle socks) for exercise. Scrap socks sit in the perfect place on the spectrum between specially hand-knit, but also un-precious enough to absolutely beat up on the daily run.

Brittney Elbertson’s blog and Youtube channel are very charming and entertaining, too. Pay her a visit! Linking this post up with Frontier Dreams’KCCO.


  1. Aoife Stone says

    I love the scrappy socks! I bounce back and forth between one/two-at a time, top-down/toe-up, DPNs or magic loop too. I haven't tried a tiny circular yet tho — can't decide if I think they're genius or terrifying.


  2. Britney says

    Yeah i'm in the same boat is you on that one. My hands cramp at the site of a tiny circular needle, but the advantage is huge if it happens to work well.


  3. life in this 1880 farmhouse says

    I have not tried the loop method. Looks more simplified then four needles. Will have to look this up. I like your bright colors on the grey.


  4. Britney says

    The magic loop method definitely spares you of the annoyances if a DPN slipping off your projects and, say, clanging on a tile floor or getting lost between some car seats. I recommend it!


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