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wip : stranded show offs ii

I’m about to turn the second heel of these Stranded Show-Off socks in a Zauberball. It’s hard to put it down now that I see how lovely these colors look in this pattern. The Regia Hand-Dye Effect really did the pattern an injustice to me. When the yarn’s a dream, the whole sock knitting experience is a dream as well.


I also finished Hannah Thissen’s Slow Knitting. I like what ideas and values that this book fosters. As a long-time lurker of knitting blogs over the years it was exciting to see the profiles of names I recognised (like Bare Naked Wools, Brooklyn Tweed, Jill Draper Makes Stuff, etc). It was a little difficult reading this book in the format that I did (I’m talking about on a Kindle app, on an Ipad), but it’s a recommended read if you’re interested in source-conscious, sustainable wool and the mindset of slow knitting.

The book wasn’t enough to completely assuage my knitting-related impatience–I look at my stash feeling anxious excitement about seeing what they’ll look like knit up. Sometimes I stay up late knitting something just because I want to make some arbitrary knitting ‘checkpoint’ so it can be further along. The concepts resonated with me, though. After some digestion (and a few completed projects) I might be a Slower Knitter in due time.

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