current candle
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current candle iv

Thanks for stopping by—it’s been a minute. I’m happy to have taken some time off from knitting to save my wrists. Now that our days are to be spent at home, it makes the most sense to break out some old projects, find my camera, and enjoy what I can of this unpredictable and tense situation.

bapsicrafts-currentcandleiv-1.pngMy current candle burning is by P. F. Candle Company. Turns out they have a brick and mortar shop in Culver City, so I swung by in January after checking out a Thinkspace show. This one is Sandalwood Rose scented and it’s potent. The warmer, earthier scents by P. F. Candle Co are my favorite.bapsicraft-currentcandleiv-2.pngI think a small joy of buying a P. F. Candle is figuring out how I might want to repurpose the brown jars left behind. I can’t trust that they’re food-grade, but even having a new container for oil bottle, staples, erasers or other knick-knacks is pretty great. I’ll take what small joys I can get.

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