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wip, fo : petty harbor + a belated 2019 christmas sock

2019 definitely was a year of inflated expectations.
I began with a roadmap for personal creative goals, a development plan for my day job, as well as a Ravelry project queue packed with deadlines for Christmas. My big plan was to make every single person in my immediate circle (and then some) feel absolutely special during the holidays, and I knew that starting in advance was doing to be the way to do it. There were 5 projects in my Ravelry queue with Christmas deadlines. Nearly all of them made with fingering weight yarn, and every one of them socks.

P5230162 copy.jpgThe racing pistol went off January 1st. I finished my first pair of socks for Nick in just over two months. It’s adorable. A lovely and meaningful pair of socks made with yarn bought on our 6th month trip to Solvang. I stashed that away before weaving the ends in, intending to pull that out around the holidays.

Still feeling motivated, I got started on my second gift pair, Petty Harbour socks, using Rayna Curtis’s wonderfully clear pattern and (so far), just one of the two skeins of Knit Picks Hawthorne bought in 2018.
I reached the halfway point, got preoccupied with a staff cut at my job at the time, and put knitting on the back burner to focus on freelancing and finding the next full-time position that would have me. Did I say back burner? I meant I ignored knitting all together. The big Christmas 2019 plan was put away. And none of us could have known that was gonna be the last pre-COVID-era Christmas ever…many regrets.
Here in Los Angeles, the Stay at Home order was called in the 19th of March. I think it was just a few days before that I realized we’ll need to hunker down, so I unearthed my old knitting projects and took inventory.

PB119801.jpgAs for the Petty Harbor socks, I’ll just continue where I left off. The stitch pattern is going as well with the Conifer colorway as I thought when I casted on around that time last year. I feel confident that the recipient would appreciate the subdued but special texture and warmth.

Thankfully I was brought on a new full time role in mid April, meaning I won’t need to spend as much time in the near future figuring out what will follow today’s contract gig. I should be able devote some time to knitting gifts for loved ones. During these days of self isolation, it’s the only unique offering of closeness I have for those I love. I’ll take what I can get.

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