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fo : petty harbor socks

I had in my mind an expectation to write something really profound about this sock project. But the turmoil outside my apartment brought the stress of creating the perfect blog post into perspective. What I have in front of me is so much simpler than many others during this time. I have to recognize every second in this silence is something worth celebrating. This extra space I have makes it possible to ease the burden for others where I can.

pattern : Petty Harbour Socks by Rayna Curtis
yarn : Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering Kettle Dye in Conifer
needle : US1 (2.25mm)
size : 11”

I’m not too worried anymore about revealing the recipient, since I’m confident that he doesn’t read my blog (great for documenting gifts in progress!). This pair of socks is the next of my 2019 Christmas gift plan— an earthy but interesting pair of socks for my younger brother. I hope he likes it. I’m also glad that like me, he’s a bit of an introvert, so he’s not someone I’ve been the most worried about during this pandemic. A small luxury of having a sibling who’s a lot like you.

Not much more to say about these socks. They’re lovely, working on them was both exciting (they’re very plushy), and calming. It brought me peace to work on these while sending texts to family and friends to check on them over the last few months. I hope the recipients of my knitting feel peace when they feel and wear what I’ve made them, reminded that their loved ones are real, very much tangible, and missing them.

I hope a similar effect of stillness, even if brief, is brought to you too, dear reader, when we catch up on this blog.
Be slow, be kind, be safe.

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