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wip: domino socks, and oh, cubital tunnel syndrome!

So I’ve been bad. Remember that nagging wrist/elbow pain I’ve been complaining about lately? Turns out it’s Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. My ulnar (read:funny bone) nerve has been compressed for so long that it’s inflamed. I often can’t feel my pinky and ring finger anymore, and sometimes it’s meant dropping mugs full of tea from the numbness. GAH. I can owe this to my fulltime jobs–my day job of digital painting, exacerbated by my 8+ hours a day spent knitting for the shop. Ok, here’s how I’ve been bad. I’ve been sneaking a few rows in anyway. I know I shouldn’t, but I guess the painkillers have made me a little bit brave(You warned me, Michelle, but it’s so tempting!). And thanks to that, (my elbow is cursing me) this little sock has grown, just a little bit more. It really can’t be that bad anyway, right? Given the right posture, less pressure on my inner elbows and a looser grip it’s can’t be as bad as it was before. I’m going from 8+ hours to …

wip: Ribbed for Him Socks

I spent the last few weeks working through about 400 grams of yarn to finish those pairs of socks for Jason (and one for me~). It was one Hunter’s Sock after another—that memorized routine which, admittedly got a little old after a while. It was hard to keep interest but the work paid off! We’ve got three nice new pairs in rotation (meaning, hopefully his high rate of wearing holes will go down), and my little traveller’s stash shrunk quite a bit. I’d show proper photos of the finished socks, but I’m proud to say they’re either happily in use or waiting to be washed. I’ll make a little FO post about them later. :] What’s going on now? Next to commissioned art, hiking and dining, I’ve been working through A Clash of Kings (read: dodging TV spoilers like an ace), and having a blast with Marie Godsey’s Ribbed for Him pattern. It’s a new functional knit ribbing pattern style I love. The variegated yarn has me stopping often to show Jason how awesome these …

yarn-along vii

On the needles: A finally-finished semi-secret gift sock project! (just too excited not to share a too-close hard to read photo of!) Also still reading Game of Thrones! Not much to report on that, just really enjoying every Tyrion and Arya chapter as it comes. Having this book in digital form makes this book a lot less intimidating to read I find, and a hell of a lot easier to carry around to read in line at the post office. I also found a paperback version of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let me Go at a trunk sale, can’t wait to give that book a shot soon. All I’ve heard of it is that it’s ridiculously tragic and beautiful and takes place in some orphanage somewhere, so I miiight have to prepare mentally for it first. This post is made alongside many others in Gsheller’s Wednesday Yarn-along! Click-through the image for more information on this yarn-along, and let me know if you decide to join!


TrinketsnTreats (which is on vacation currently, but do keep an eye on it, her work is precious!) In this well-wrapped package was one of her lovingly handmade bat keychains, made with (if i recall correctly) a cruelty-free polyester felt, making the toy both vegan friendly and moth proof (such good news!) I also received The Craft Library’s Knits for Fab Feet and Cosy Toes, a little book full of adorable sock patterns I can’t wait to try. There’s this one sock pattern with a little pocket you can place a hand-knit teddy bear in, god ugh that’s too cute!!! The socks themselves seem to all be knit in a very fine gauge, so I’ll have to finish a few wips before diving into these projects.  Also! Just a few days ago I received a message from the lovely Triona of Triona Designs letting me know that I won her giveaway for the Knitpicks Bulky 2013 Collection pattern book! This is the first knitting-related giveaway I’ve won, so I was really excited! Maddie Hoodie the moment …

yarn-along vi

Keeping it simple today.. On the Kindle: A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin On the needles: The Plushy Hot Pink Washcloth for Bapsicrafts This post is made alongside many others in Gsheller’s Wednesday Yarn-along! Click-through the image for more information on this yarn-along, and let me know if you decide to join!