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yarn-along v

On the reading front: I finished Franz Molnar’s Prisoners last week. It was a little slow at first but wasn’t hard by the midpoint to get hooked. I’d like to believe that a bit might be lost in the translation from its original written language, but even then the imagery is beautiful. When I have to put down the book for a bit to sigh and say, you know it’s a good sign. Hagakure’s made quite a few appearances over the last couple of yarn-along posts, and it’s for that same reason. That little book’s full of really deep words and passages. It would be unfair to not sit and ponder what’s been said every few pages, and that’s why this little book is still in the currently-reading pile by my bed. Lord of the Rings is a slightly different story. I’m looking at at least a thousand pages of book to get through, and the size of the thing makes it a home-only type of reading deal. Because it’s the kind of story that …

yarn-along iii

Got myself a hand-me-down Android last week, so I threw a bunch of pdfs on it and went right to reading! The first book I’m getting through is Leo Babauta’s Focus, which has been a pretty interesting read so far. The pink Endpaper Mitts were finally finished, so I quickly got to knitting the second pair, a beautiful silk/mohair blend with a sparkly polyester cuff/accent color. Again, the colors wouldn’t have found themselves if I had to pick them out, so it’ll be neat to see how these turn out. Just a few more commission projects more and I’ll treat myself to a personal project from the stash [finally!]. Well. After I finish my coursework that is. This post is made alongside many others in Gsheller’s Wednesday Yarn-along! Click-through the image for more information on this yarn-along, and let me know if you decide to join!