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shop update: The Synapse

I announced this a little while ago already on facebook, but there’s something about blogging that makes me anxious. It is the relatively formal format? Maybe. It is my inability to explain something that I feel more comfortable designing visually or discussing one-on-one? Pretty much entirely exactly absolutely. But I’ll feel the fear and try anyway. I call this new design Synapse (from synaptein “to clasp,” from syn- “together” and haptein “to fasten”.) I remember (admittedly only vaguely) studying about this in high school. I responded a little emotionally to the importance of this part of your nervous system. It takes a large amount of effort for a signal to make it for the first time from one brain cell to another. but having made that connection for the first time it eventually gets easier to do. With time, that message or signal can take next to no effort at all to get across. The bond’s been strengthened. Now, I have it totally wrong about this bit of neuroscience here (my class notebooks were more …

Hello 2014!

It’s January 3rd, 2014 and I’m diagnosing myself with first-page syndrome. Artists and writers will know what I’m talking about. You buy yourself a new sketchbook, planner, or journal and stare at the first page, almost afraid to make that first mark because you might ruin your shot at this new wonderful fresh start. It was at this point today that I realized that this is exactly the thing new years goals are for—this is the fear I need to practice conquering daily, so instead of staring at false start after false start hoping for the ‘perfect’ entry to happen, I’ll just go right ahead and get to writing to you about what’s happened lately. Knitmeter tells me that I’ve knit a total of about 10.3 miles in 2013, and imo not enough of that knitting was for me. 2014 can do to be a year of more selfish knitting. Reviews/handmade appreciation I’ve been catching a lot of really beautiful handmade show and small businesses around the internet and locally! One personal resolution this year …


Bapsicraftsknits tonight, and it feels good to know that nearly every piece made so far has my name somewhere among its stitches. My second craft show [ever!!!] is coming up on the 16th,  and I can’t be more excited to have another opportunity to meet face-to-face with people who understand how much love goes into my work. When I’m not pricking my fingers by accident, this sewing job is meditative bliss. I promise.