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yarn-along iii

Got myself a hand-me-down Android last week, so I threw a bunch of pdfs on it and went right to reading! The first book I’m getting through is Leo Babauta’s Focus, which has been a pretty interesting read so far. The pink Endpaper Mitts were finally finished, so I quickly got to knitting the second pair, a beautiful silk/mohair blend with a sparkly polyester cuff/accent color. Again, the colors wouldn’t have found themselves if I had to pick them out, so it’ll be neat to see how these turn out. Just a few more commission projects more and I’ll treat myself to a personal project from the stash [finally!]. Well. After I finish my coursework that is. This post is made alongside many others in Gsheller’s Wednesday Yarn-along! Click-through the image for more information on this yarn-along, and let me know if you decide to join!

shop update: black and tan beanies

I’ve been on a little hat-knitting frenzy for the little shop lately, thought I’d update you all about what’s been listed! Click through the photos for each hat’s listing in my shop. These two were made to be sister pieces–after knitting the first one in tan and black, I saw that I had enough yarn left over to make a ctrl+i version, so I went ahead and did it! They both turned out really beautiful, I might work on more sets like these in the future. I think my favorite feature of these two hats is the versatility. The hats were knit just long enough to be worn slouchy like in the first two photos in the post, but just short enough for the brim to be folded over for extra warmth. It appeals to the part of me that wants just a few good useful things in her closet for different occasions. I’ve found myself to be a terrible judge for what is guy-friendly as far as knitwear goes. Feedback so far from male …

finished a little washcloth set for the shop! they took forever to knit but i’m very happy to see the time was worth it, they came out looking really nice. click here to see its listing on etsy. this little set will be soon be available in more colors, so sit tight and kindly check back often. pattern : my own yarn : lily cotton’s sugar’n cream solids needle : US 5[3.75mm] size : 10.5x8in, 4.5in square my favorite part of this set next to its color would be the moss stitch texture. it’s enough to make for a good face scrub, but the yarn is soft enough to use on something like glass without worry of scratching it up.