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shop update: The Synapse

I announced this a little while ago already on facebook, but there’s something about blogging that makes me anxious. It is the relatively formal format? Maybe. It is my inability to explain something that I feel more comfortable designing visually or discussing one-on-one? Pretty much entirely exactly absolutely. But I’ll feel the fear and try anyway. I call this new design Synapse (from synaptein “to clasp,” from syn- “together” and haptein “to fasten”.) I remember (admittedly only vaguely) studying about this in high school. I responded a little emotionally to the importance of this part of your nervous system. It takes a large amount of effort for a signal to make it for the first time from one brain cell to another. but having made that connection for the first time it eventually gets easier to do. With time, that message or signal can take next to no effort at all to get across. The bond’s been strengthened. Now, I have it totally wrong about this bit of neuroscience here (my class notebooks were more …

shop update: teres

i finished up a new design that i’ve been excited to share for a while–here! my favorite moss stitch in the form of a warm cowl, with a little bit of crochet on each end as a finish. for this design sample i just had to use a deep hue so i went for cranberry. i’m very happy with how it turned out and would love to learn how it will look in the colors my customers may choose for their own. moss stitch hasn’t failed to wow me yet–i absolutely love the texture it creates in different weights or materials. this cowl is currently available in a soft blend of lamb’s wool and acrylic. you can see a bit more about this custom-knit neckwarmer here. in other news: i had the pleasure of being interviewed by kelly stahley! You can view the interview on her blog here. and remember to enter my giveaway for the vegan shift hat here! i will draw the winner’s name at the end of this month!


this is finlet,  the newest addition to my shop. it’s a neckwarmer that i actually put together a few months ago that i really love but had mixed feelings about making it available to buy, mostly because of the amount of time spent actually knitting it. for a long time i kept the prototype myself but recently made the decision to make another for the shop, since i loved it so much. one big challenge i have with selling my knitwear is pricing them in a way that could seem reasonable to customers. i spend many hours swatching, searching for yarns, knitting and ripping back, and writing the patterns for my pieces, but there is always this lingering fear that despite my best effort, the level of craft in my work won’t be made clear enough to people browsing my shop. i guess when all is considered the best i can do is price in a way that is fair to my skill, service and high level of quality of my materials, and take the …

have an unabashedly late post–what can i say,  ideas come to me at the weirdest times of night! i’ve been in dire need of some printed care labels for my orders–all i’ve used since was this little kraft tag for thank you notes, which would work just fine if my penmanship was any good. so i looked in my paper stash and found this beautiful sheet of mi-tientes from my foundation drawing year, and got to work on my little design. about an hour later i was finished cutting and arranged them in a cute little stack! i think i’m by no means knowledgeable about layouts and probably committed a multitude of graphic design sins, but i’m pretty proud of what i managed to do. if nothing else it will at least help make sure my little handmade things last as long as possible in their new owners’ hands. have any great ideas come to you at random lately? what have you done about them?